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Sanding is no one’s favorite task but it is very important. Poor sanding will give poor results. Fortunately, a sander can do the job much faster for you. Many sanders are cheap, so even if you only use it once in a while, it can still be a good investment.

Finding the best sander can be difficult. Sanders come in a wide variety of shapes and forms. If you are doing a lot of various sanding tasks, you may need more than one sander. Here is an overview of the most popular types of sanders.

The belt sander is easy to recognize, it has a belt, a continuous loop of sandpaper. It is a powerhouse, it is used to remove a lot of stock quickly. The belt sander is typically used first in a sanding job, to prepare the surface for the random orbit sander. Here you have more information about belt sanders

The random orbit sander is the most popular type of sander. It is very versatile and can be used for a wide variety of sanding tasks. The random orbit sander is easy to use and leaves no swirl marks. Despite being a relatively new type of sander, the random orbit sander quickly became very popular. You have more information about random orbit sanders here

The finishing sander, is also known as orbital sander, is used to create a smooth finishing. The small palm orbital sander is very useful when working in cramped spaces. But the success of the random orbit sander has made the finishing sander less popular. Here you have more information about finishing sanders

You have most likely seen large stationary disc sanders. They are generally found in professional workshops. But smaller portable models are also available. Like the name implies, disc sanders have a circular disc to which sandpaper is attached. You can learn more about disc sanders here

If you are not doing much sanding, but once in a while do some repairs and renovations at home, a multi-purpose oscillating tool can be a better solution. One single tool can be used for sanding, grinding, scraping and many other tasks. Of course, a sander will most likely do a better job than most multi-purpose tools but it is a cheap solution. For the price of one tool, you get a tool that can be used for several different tasks. Here you can learn more about multi-purpose oscillating tools.


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