Porter-Cable PCE605K Oscillating Multi-Tool Review

Porter Cable PCE650K Oscillating Multi-Tool

The Porter-Cable PCE605K is a very interesting oscillating multi-purpose tool. It is a new improved version of a bestseller, with a 3 HP motor instead of 2.5 HP. This makes it powerful to handle virtually all DIY tasks around the house. Thanks to a relatively low price, you get very good value for your money.

The variable speed setting makes the Porter-Cable PCE605K a very versatile tool. The speed settings supported are from 10,000 to 22,000 oscillations per minute. Note that pressing harder when sanding will not help, instead select a high oscillating frequency. Sand with continuous motion and light pressure. Applying excessive pressure does not increase material removal but will prematurely wear sanding sheets.

The PCE605 uses a Tool Free System for faster accessory changes without the need to use wrenches or hex keys. The system works fine but unfortunately only with Porter-Cable accessories. If you want to use non Porter-Cable blades, you must most likely buy an adapter.

The Porter-Cable PCE605K comes with a removable depth gauge. The depth gauge makes it easy to control cuts. If you work in cramped spaces, removing the depth gauge will make it easier to operate the PCE605K. The PCE650K includes a 10 feet power cord, minimizing the need of using an extension cord.

Using the the PCE605K on low speed may make it hot. To cool the motor, run it at maximum speed with no load for 2-3 minutes.

The Porter-Cable PCE605K comes with a three year warranty, covering defects due to faulty materials or workmanship, and a 90 day money back guarantee, no questions asked.

Note that out of the 31 accessories you get with the PCE605K, 25 are sheets of sandpaper.

Porter-Cable PCE605K Specifications

Amps 3.0 Amps
Variable Speed Yes
Oscillations Per Minute 10,000 – 22,000
Speed Settings 10,000; 12,000; 14,000; 16,000; 18,000; 22,000
Oscillating Angle 2.8°
Blade Change Tool Free System
Length 11
Weight 3.7 lbs
Power Cord 10 feet

The following is included with the Porter-Cable PCE605K:
– Kit Box
– Wood Blade (32mm)
– Wood / Metal Blade (32mm)
– Flush Cut Blade
– Sanding Platen
– 25 Sheets of Sandpaper
– Flexible Scraper
– Depth/Cutting Guide

What the Customers Say About the Porter-Cable PCE605K

The PCE605K has an average customer of 4.4 out 5. Most customer are happy with their Porter-Cable oscillating tool and thought that they got good value for their money. It was powerful enough for all normal DIY tasks around the house.

Not much negative was said about the PCE605K. A few users complained that the PCE605K can get uncomfortably hot if used for heavy tasks. Some customers also noted that 25 sheets of sandpaper were included the 31 accessories delivered with the PCE605K.

Here some customer quotes:

“Many people have told me I needed to get this tool. Why did I wait. It has done everything I have asked it to do: sand, saw and plundge cut. the variable speed is wonderful for giving the correct amount of control and power to the tool. The depth gauge is a nice feature and its removable for getting in those tight corners”

“I love the tool. I’m still finding ways to use it, from the initial flooring application to sanding wooden patio furniture to cutting off ends of bolts. Very controllable and comfortable. And if you’re looking for new ways to use it, just watch newer episodes of This Old House, those guys use it all the time”

“Always pleased with Porter-Cable tools and this multi-tool is no exception. It’s solid, durable and well-made. It’s relatively easy to swap out the tools/uses for this multi-tool as well. I like that the tool has adjustable speeds, a hard case vs. a bag that these sorts of tools often come in and depth guide.”

Customer comments were paraphrased to save space.

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Porter-Cable PCE605K Oscillating Multi-Tool Review Summary

The Porter-Cable PCE605K is a very good oscillating multipurpose tool. It can be used for a wide variety of DIY tasks around the house. It is not as good as top special power tools but that would also be much more expensive solution. You get excellent value for the money.

You can buy the Porter-Cable oscillating multipurpose tool at Amazon.com, taking advantage of Amazon’s low prices and excellent customer service. Click here to go Amazon.com and have look at the PCE605K.

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